Preventing Your Baby From Crawling

Crawling is an essential milestone in your baby’s physical development. It helps develop hand-eye coordination and builds strength in the arms, shoulders, back, and legs. When babies don’t crawl at a young age, they miss out on crucial opportunities to build these muscles and may end up having weak upper body strength later in life.

It’s beneficial for parents to get down on the floor with their child and crawl alongside them. This way, you can see what they’re looking at and help them comprehend any potential hazards (even if you have baby-proofed the floor).

When your little one begins crawling on hard surfaces, avoid dressing them in slippery clothing such as pants or leggings. Doing so could make them more prone to sliding backward and injuring themselves. Instead, dress them in loose-fitting garments with exposed knees and feet for increased traction.

Additionally, make sure you install soft corner guards or form corner protectors on tables, cabinets and other furniture in your home to help protect children’s heads from bumping into things. Doing so can prevent serious injury – particularly for young or vulnerable children.

Your baby’s curiosity may be aroused as they start to crawl. If they seem eager to reach and play with toys, lay them flat on a surface just away from their crawling area so that they have an area to explore and feel free to move towards the items. This provides them with an incentive and encourages them to move towards the objects.

Keep in mind that crawling can be an intensely emotional experience for your baby, often leading to excitement, disappointment, confusion or frustration. If you observe your infant crawling and sense they may be getting frustrated, take away whatever they’re interested in or redirect them towards another activity.

When your baby is crawling, be sure not to leave them alone and limit the amount of time she plays by herself if possible. Furthermore, installing a baby gate will help protect your home from potential hazards by keeping the little one from entering potentially unsafe areas.

If you’re uncertain whether your crawling safety precautions are working, don’t hesitate to consult your pediatrician for advice and a physical evaluation of her progress. It may be an uncomfortable process, but it is necessary in order for everyone’s wellbeing.

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