Importance of INAPH

INAPH, also known as Pashu Aadhaar, is an initiative of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). This animal database will capture data and information to enable effective management and scientific research of India’s livestock resources.

Primary goal: protect product integrity and quality by tracing products back to their source. This will enable farmers, processors, animal husbandry department officials, and healthcare professionals to create appropriate strategies for animal management that adhere to internationally accepted sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

Similar to the Aadhaar numbers for humans, each animal will receive its own unique identification number that serves as its 12-digit UID. All animals will also be provided with ear tags displaying their species, breed, pedigree and information related to calving, production of milk and vaccination.

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Indian Express reported in 2019 that the government plans to register 94 million productive female cows and buffaloes as part of its initial phase. After this, all bovine species – males, calves and heifers alike – as well as old or stray animals will be included – will be registered.

Detail information on each animal will include its species, breed and pedigree; its calving history; artificial insemination (AI) history, feeding/nutrition history, vaccination records and welfare status. This helps identify healthy cattle for breeding purposes, rejuvenate weaker ones through better nutritional management plans and effectively manage diseases.

Farmers can adjust the feed quantity according to their animals’ age, production level, milk fat and feeding regimen using this data. The system allows them to create a balanced ration that encourages higher milk production.

The government’s initiative is a welcome one, as it addresses cattle smuggling and other problems plaguing the dairy and livestock sector of the country. The INAPH programme could bring down production costs, improve profitability, and boost productivity levels within this sector.

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